Tree rats

Tree rats

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Murinae
Genus : Mesembriomys


Facts about the genus Mesembriomys, the tree rats

As far as I know , hunting tree rats is not big here in the Great White North.

Feeding squirrels (affectionately referred to by some as tree rats) is not.

Phobia List: Have you ever wondered what your raging fear of Bolivian Tree Rats is called?

The problem with tree rats is they live in trees, which have leafs which stop light which make it dark and make for slow shutter speeds which isnt great for things that move faster then the starship enterprise.

The tree rats are impossible to control in my area where everyone but me has one or more bird feeders.

Tree rats are absolutely impossible to deal with in a diplomatic manner.

Tree rats are very destructive, but I never thought they'd be a problem for my car!

The tree rats are pests to my bamboo groves. (Full text)

Does anyone know if Tree rats are dangerous? (Full text)

A mole-rat (t8maRi5eg teomarisjeig, family Bathyergidae) is a kind of animal related to rats (Ri5eg risjeig) that resembles a mole (t8ma teoma), for instance, but a tree-rat (zanRi5eg zanrisjeig, genus Mesembriomys) is a kind of rat that nests in trees (zan zan). (Full text)

From that perspective the only reason to eat tree rats is personal preference or tradition. (Full text)

I'm hearing the tree rats is full of wulves. (Full text)

To my knowledge, Frankenstine's tree rats are still messing with his nuts. (Full text)

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