Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Gerbillinae
Genus : Meriones


Animals in the genus Meriones

Mongolian jird
Facts about the genus Meriones, the jirds

> concerning jirds, is there anyplace to get them in the united states?

about Rodents Jirds is based on the Open Directory Project and has been modified.

com" Meriones is now assembling and delivering Copy Master Products to Europe.

Female jirds are extremely teritorial.

For instance the Meriones crassus charon, Meriones is the genus, crassus the species and charon the subspecies.

I thik that the most experienced breeder wihth Shaw's jirds is Sue Green.

Meriones is a he

Meriones is son of Molus 1, a bastard son of Deucalion 2 or else son of Minos 2.

Our SECOND litter of Bushy Tailed Jirds is HERE!

These data show that immune attack against the challenge L3 in vaccinated jirds is initiated between the first and the second day after challenge and that killing occurs around the fourth day after challenge, before the worms undergo their first molt.

Well, since jirds are a bit of a fad now and the little guy was rescued from a shelter, I thought this might be the answer.

The jirds are very curious and do like to eat small bugs in addition to their basic rodent fare and fruit and veggie treats. (Full text)

Meriones is mentioned in the following topics: gerbilMeriones unguiculatus IdomeneusEnyalius PatroclusTrojan pronunciation (Full text)

"Jirds are active in the morning and late night like the gerbils are. (Full text)

So I can understand more about where the Jirds are going. (Full text)

There's certainly very little beauty in death - especially if Meriones is around. (Full text)

Meriones is proud to to carry the Octave Copy Master Duplicators! (Full text)

Adult jirds are of 3-5 inches in length and weigh an average of 1-3 ounces. (Full text)

The most information on breeding Persian Jirds is on the days 1-22 page. (Full text)

One of the other outstanding things about Persian Jirds is their temperament. (Full text)

of Dairylea cheese The staple diet of Shaw's Jirds is relatively simple and can be met by any standard gerbil/hamster mix. (Full text)

Main Entry: meriones meriones is one of more than 1,000,000 entries available at Merriam-WebsterUnabridged. (Full text)

Paw-Talk Pets Forum - View Single Post - The Jirds are Home! (Full text)

Paw-Talk Pets Forum - The Jirds are Home! (Full text)

FeedingAs with housing, feeding jirds is fairly straightforward. (Full text)

” Meriones is an Achaean warrior that does not care if he kills one man or a million. (Full text)

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