Water rats

Water rats

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Murinae
Genus : Hydromys


Animals in the genus Hydromys

Golden-bellied water rat
Facts about the genus Hydromys, the water rats

"Water Rats" is a popular TV drama about the Sydney Water Police, which is shot on Goat Island.

Exclusive photographs of The Breeders gig at The Water Rats are now online .

NEW South Wales's water rats are about to go hi-tech.

Research Hydrobius HYDROCHOERUS CAPYBARA See "Capybara" HYDROMYS Hydromys is a genus of Australian water-rats peculiar to that continent and Tasmania and New Guinea.

The Windsor Water Rats is a competitive swim program.

Water Rats Are No Match For 80yearold (from Watford Observer) '); document.

Water Rats is a police drama based on those who patrol the waters of Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats is a police drama show set in the beautiful Sydney Harbor.

Water Rats is the best show to ever hit the streets, and its a bummer that Frank (Colin Friels) has left.

The suggestion is also made that the Australian and Philippine rodents are survivors of the original pre-Tertiary fauna, although it is admitted that the specialization of Hydromys is against this. (Full text)

Return to Platypus Page Like the platypus, water-rats are most often glimpsed swimming on the surface of lakes or rivers in the early morning or evening. (Full text)

1854 top 10 cop shows this week I think it says a lot that Water Rats is in repeats and its still in the top te. (Full text)

1891 Re: Welcome to water-rats hi everyone, no shameless plug's today, just to tell u all that water rats is o. (Full text)

^=_o00o____ [Reply w/Quote] Falchoon View Public Profile Send a private message to Falchoon Send email to Falchoon Find More Posts by Falchoon Add Falchoon to Your Buddy List 1/4 Mile Times 17-07-2001, 03:08 #2 Aussie Pete vbmenu_register("postmenu_35047", true); Profile: OffLine Title: Pursuit Reincarnation Dog Join Date: Apr 2001 Location: Melbourne VIC Posts: 7,754 Vehicle Info: 1/4 Mile: Enter Times Here Garage: My Vehicle(s) Pics: Vehicle Gallery The availability of cars for Water Rats is controlled by a facilitator. (Full text)

Site last updated 19 August 2005King Rat for 2005 Melvyn Hayes - to read King Rat's message click hereWelcome Paul JamesWe want you to be our 'Friend'Find out what being a 'Friend of the Water Rats' is all about. (Full text)

The Water Rats are Moving ForwardThe man himself. (Full text)

Main Entry: hydromys hydromys is one of more than 1,000,000 entries available at Merriam-WebsterUnabridged. (Full text)

Hells Angels on jet skis, the Water Rats are a group of successful executives and businessmen that long for nothing more than an intensive, two or three week vacation away from their offices, their bosses, the phone, away from civilized conduct (and all its social bullshit), away from clean-shaven faces, neat haircuts and the file cabinet. (Full text)

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