Pygmy mice

Pygmy mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Sigmodontinae
Genus : Baiomys


Facts about the genus Baiomys, the pygmy mice

07 Comments on Species Association A favorite place for northern pygmy mice is in good stands of galleta *07*.

Even though the pygmy mice are very small don’t underestimate their jumping capabilities.

It is possible that if Baiomys is to be a successful competitor for seeds, then the area would have to receive large amounts of water as runoff (as hypothesized by Michael Rosenzweig).

Pygmy Mice are 15, Roborovskis are 15, Syrians are 10, Winter Whites are 10, Campbells are 6 and Gerbils are 6.

PYGMY MICE ARE SOCIAL As a social species they can be housed as bonded breeding pairs or colonies and as same sex pairs or colonies.

Spiny mice as well as pygmy mice are available.

The origin of African Pygmy Mice is South Africa.

The dietary needs of pygmy mice are different from the average mouse. (Full text)

The deer, the cotton-tail and four species of bats are endemic to the Leeward Dutch Antilles at the subspecies level, while the mouse Baiomys is endemic at species level. (Full text)

Adult Pygmy mice are comparable in size to normal pinkies (and the pygmy pinkies are about ant sized). (Full text)

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