Grass rats

Grass rats

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Murinae
Genus : Arvicanthis


Facts about the genus Arvicanthis, the grass rats

5") Habitat: Grass rats are found in grasslands and all types of savannas including grassy glades in forests.

Arvicanthis is agile and quick despite its slightly pudgy appearance and seems to be able to return to its home range when released within a quarter-mile of where it is captured.

it ABSTRACT Arvicanthis is an African murid, found throughout sub-saharan Africa, Sudan and Egypt.

niloticus is, therefore, correlated with these animals' sleep patterns: at ZT 17, when VLPO Fos expression is high, grass rats are likely to be sleeping, whereas they are unlikely to be sleeping when VLPO Fos expression is low, at ZT 1-ZT 13. (Full text)

Because grass rats are very social animals in the wild, we ordinarily do not house animals in individual cages unless they are currently being used in an experiment. (Full text)

The distribution of Arvicanthis is restricted to sub-Saharan Africa, therefore an African origin for this species is possible. (Full text)

Neurons from grass rats are depicted in A and B and from lab rats in C and D. (Full text)

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