Old World field mice

Old World field mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Murinae
Genus : Apodemus


Animals in the genus Apodemus

Striped field mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
Facts about the genus Apodemus, the Old World field mice

Apodemus is a research company, mainly owned by Johan Claesson and research director Bo Niklasson.

bearing on an old controversy (page 95-112) The literature on Parapodemus is reviewed and it is shown that the

Mouse The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2001-05 Field mouse is a name applied to various wild-living mice in different parts of the world The Old World field mice are species of the genus Apodemus,

Methuseluh - Methuselah is a character from the bible who lived a long time Abbot Apodemus (mouse, Triss)- Apodemus is a name for old world field mice. (Full text)

The Old World field mice are species of the genus Apodemus, closely related to the house mouse and found throughout Eurasia and North Africa. (Full text)

Main Entry: apodemus apodemus is one of more than 1,000,000 entries available at Merriam-WebsterUnabridged. (Full text)

B chromosomes in wood mice (Jan Zima and Jaroslav Piálek) The genus Apodemus is well known for the presence of B chromosomes which are supernumerary to the standard karyotype. (Full text)

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