Grass mice and South American field mice

Grass mice and South American field mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Sigmodontinae
Genus : Akodon


Facts about the genus Akodon, the grass mice and South American field mice

00 pair Im fairly certain that African Striped Mice and Zebra Grass Mice are one in the same, I used to have Zebra Grass Mice, and they look identical to the African Striped Mice pictures I saw on smallandfurries website.

Behaviour Striped Grass Mice are diurnal (but occasionally crepuscular or even nocturnal), seeking refuge at night in old, abandoned termite nests, weed-covered banks or burrows

Feral Akodon is not a member of any public groups

To our knowledge, this pattern in Akodon is the first documentation of a novel sex-determining system arising multiple times within a tight clade of mammals.

Zebra Mouse Zebra mice, also called African striped grass mice, are good climbers

During daytime grass-mice are to be seen everywhere feeding on grass and seeds. (Full text)

Akodon is a genus of South American rodents. (Full text)

ó-The specific name, oinos, which is Greek for wine, is given because this species of Akodon is known only from the desert scrub habitat at middle elevations in Mendoza Province. (Full text)

grass mice are 30. (Full text)

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