Coarse-haired pocket mice

Coarse-haired pocket mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Heteromyidae
Subfamily : Perognathinae
Genus : Chaetodipus


Animals in the genus Chaetodipus

Desert pocket mouse
Facts about the genus Chaetodipus, the coarse-haired pocket mice

Because most gene flow in Chaetodipus is likely mediated by males (20) and because the mitochondrial genome has an effective population size one-quarter the effective size of autosomes, mitochondrial DNA provides a sensitive marker for detecting population structure.

Chaetodipus: Coarse-haired Pocket Mice The natural history and behavior of Chaetodipus is much like that of Perognathus, though there is variation by species.

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