Desert jerboas

Desert jerboas

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Dipodidae
Subfamily : Dipodinae
Genus : Jaculus


Animals in the genus Jaculus

Lesser Egyptian jerboa
Facts about the genus Jaculus, the desert jerboas

Jaculus is a cross betwixt an earthling and an amphiptere (a winged, feathered snake). (Full text)

Jaculus is not a member of any public groups

General Attributes The jaculus is a serpent that can fly. (Full text)

jaculus is strictly solitary.

Jaculus is exclusively nocturnal and may move over a considerable distance in a single night; the track of one individual was reportedly followed for 14 km.

"fiery", or 'burning,' because it inflames where it bites; of which see Number 21:6 and 'flying,' not because it has wings, though some serpents are said to have them; but because, when it leaps or darts upon a man, it is with such swiftness, that it seems to fly; the serpent called "acontias", or "serpens jaculus", is here alluded to.

The jerboa found on the Arabian Peninsula, Jaculus jaculus, is the most specialised of all jerboa. (Full text)

(+15 bp) A Jaculus is a winged, leaping snake.

Of these the lesser jerboa (Jaculus jaculus) is one of the more remarkable.

Jerboa, classified as the genus jaculus jaculus, is as active and scary in Fine's world as Vultur Gryphus is laid back and friendly.

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