Mountain viscachas

Mountain viscachas

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Hystricognathi
Family : Chinchillidae
Genus : Lagidium


Animals in the genus Lagidium

Northern viscacha
Facts about the genus Lagidium, the mountain viscachas

Lagidium is found in the extreme southern portion of Peru, Western and Central Bolivia, Northern and Central Chile, and in Western Argentina.

Food Habits Mountain viscachas are reputed to eat just about any plant they encounter.

I would also like to note that because mountain viscachas are crepuscular this does not imply that Andean mountain cats are active only at dawn and dusk.

Mountain viscachas are uncommon and live in remote areas.

Mountain viscachas are hunted for their meat and fur, which has probably caused a decline over part of their range.

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