Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Hystricognathi
Family : Caviidae
Subfamily : Dolichotinae
Genus : Dolichotis


Animals in the genus Dolichotis

Patagonian mara
Facts about the genus Dolichotis, the maras

Among the various pests affecting this crop the stem weevil colobodes dolichotis is a serious pest. (Full text)

Talat: Opening Of Maras Is Directly Connected To Cyprus Question (Full text)

Maras is considered the home of Salepi dondurma (orchid ice cream). (Wiki)

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The picturesque town of Maras is home to the most important salt mines in the region. (Full text)

Sandy Maras is a principal for the Wilder School District.

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MARAS is an independent company specialising in supplying services to the residential lettings industry. (Full text)

Maras is mentioned in the following topics: PazarcikVlasios Maras morassmara (mammal) Kahramanmaras ProvinceCaviidae (Full text)

The band has been around for a long while now (nearly ten years), yet this is only their first full-length; considering such a long time in the making, _Maras_ is good but not great. (Full text)

Maras is a district of the Urubamba province, possible to be reached through a paved road from kilometer 50 on the road Qosqo - Chinchero - Urubamba.

: the Maras are coming, the Maras are coming

Photo: The salt pans of Maras are fed by an underground river, near Cusco

When that is realized, all maras are automatically nonexistent, vanquished as a matter of course.

Home > Peru & The Inca Trail > Salineras de Maras Salineras de Maras The Salineras de Maras are about 10km off the road to Maras on a dirt road.

The 4 Maras are the major emotional pitfalls of fear.

Houstonians, watch out: the Maras are among you.

Maras are one of the few mammalian species that mate for life; the male sticks close to his partner to guard her from other males. (Full text)

” There is no doubt but that the maras are a pervasive criminal fact in Central America.

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