Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Castoridae
Genus : Castor


Animals in the genus Castor

American beaver
Eurasian beaver
Facts about the genus Castor, the beavers

Beavers Are Not Rock & Roll Fans

British Space Corps » Printable Version of Topic » Game News: The End of Castor is near!?

iB::Topic::Game News: The End of Castor is near!?

net: Comment on Why Betty Castor is Going to Win in Florida 0)

Newswire : Releases : "Baffling Beavers is a 'Dam' Good Thing, Says Fund for Animals"

Oregon State Daily Barometer Online - Beavers are enjoying the wins, but looking for more

Oregon State Daily Barometer Online - Beavers are looking for a win

Violent beavers are your friends!

Building Beavers is available from Bestprices. (Full text)

Beavers is available from Bestprices. (Full text)

The Hotel Scandotel Castor is a delightful and well-run 3 star hotel located in a residential area in the city centre. (Full text)

Castor is sometimes used as a nickname for Drusus, the son of Roman Emperor Tiberius. (Wiki)

Castor is a small town in the Canadian province of Alberta at 52°13N‑111°54W elev. (Wiki)

From the Field - Crow's Nest Preserve: The Beavers are Back! (Full text)

Mike Beavers Mike Beavers is the Lake Central starting fullback. (Full text)

Pooling Examples LOBsMore Presentations The Examples 3rd Party Tools JDO Tests XML Tests Configuration Tips & Tricks Full JavaDoc CastorWiki About License Contributors Status, Todo Changelog Library Contact Project Name The Castor ProjectQuick DescriptionNewsQuick Description Castor is an Open Source data binding framework for Java[tm]. (Full text)

(GC2901) Beavers are noble creatures by SoggySocks (Full text)

High Country News -- June 21, 2004: Revenge of the old-timers: The beavers are back (Full text)

Castor is a data-binding framework, which is a path between Java objects, XML documents, SQL tables, and LDAP directories. (Full text)

Castor is dead ? (Full text)

Gene Beavers is a physicians assistant at the Paynesville Area Health Care System. (Full text)

The Angry Beavers is about Daggett and Norbert, two fun-loving brothers who are beavers. (Full text)

One of the Beavers is chosen to stand in the centre, and calls the names of two fruits. (Full text)

While the Beavers are on the football field or basketball court, show your school spirit with a college logo hat or other NCAA officially licensed merchandise. (Full text)

The Beavers is a social, honorary organization formed, organized and managed by the construction companies and individuals who are or have engaged in heavy engineering construction. (Full text)

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