Sportive lemurs

Sportive lemurs

Order : Primates
Family : Megaladapidae
Genus : Lepilemur


Animals in the genus Lepilemur

Gray-backed sportive lemur
Small-toothed sportive lemur
Weasel sportive lemur
Facts about the genus Lepilemur, the sportive lemurs

often simply called the lepilemur) is a small nocturnal lemur which weighs about a pound (half a kilo).

(Major, 1894)IUCN Red List Status (1996):Not ListedDescriptionThis Lepilemur is a species of large size and sober pelage.

8), while Lepilemur is at the bottom (EQ=2. (Full text)

Lepilemur is indeed deeply separated from all other lemur genera in the data set, which strongly supports the family status (Lepilemuridae) of this single genus.

WEASEL OR SPORTIVE LEMURS: FAMILY MEGALADAPIDAE The generic name, Lepilemur, is more appropriate for general use than the choice of vernacular names: lepilemurs don't look like weasels and are not very sportive.

This lemur, as other sportive lemurs, is medium sized with a

Megaladapidae—Sportive lemurs are nocturnal and arboreal.

True lemurs and sportive lemurs are larger, about the size of cats. (Full text)

The sportive lemurs are the medium sized primates that make up the Megaladapidae family.

True lemurs and sportive lemurs are larger, about the size of cats.

The small, sportive lemurs are now usually placed in their own family. (Full text)

However, in general sportive lemurs are brown to grey on their backs and tails with a light to white underbelly. (Full text)

Sportive lemurs are placed in the family ____________.

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