Bamboo lemurs and gentle lemurs

Bamboo lemurs and gentle lemurs

Order : Primates
Family : Lemuridae
Genus : Hapalemur


Animals in the genus Hapalemur

Golden bamboo lemur
Facts about the genus Hapalemur, the bamboo lemurs and gentle lemurs

But wait: grey gentle bamboo lemurs are actually known for their temper.

Captive breedingThree males and three females of Greater-Bamboo Lemurs are in Paris Zoo ISIS, 1999.

Greater bamboo lemurs are arboreal.

Lesser bamboo lemurs are active during the day and at dawn and dusk.

The Alaotran gentle lemurs are only found inhabiting the reed beds around Lake Alaotra.

The device of showing the view that the Last Men take of contemporary society allows Stapledon to include parallels and commentary not normally accessible to the novelist writing about a time close to the date of composition; this does not always work (the story of the gentle lemurs is frankly silly), but can produce interesting effects.

The greater and the golden bamboo lemurs are critically endangered.

The lesser gentle lemurs are characterized by a grey-brown fur, which varies by species from reddish to greenish. (Wiki)

Some lemurs, such as the Red-ruffed Lemur and some types of bamboo lemurs, are considered "Critically Endangered," with only a few remaining in the wild and a drastically reduced range of habitat. (Full text)

Species of Bamboo Lemurs are especially threatened because their habitat and special diet of bamboo is only found in a small area of South Eastern Madagascar. (Full text)

The others are all accounted for: The three bamboo lemurs are still locked in their cage, staying put until Grossi is certain they cannot get past the big fence around the perimeter, the one that has 7,000 volts pulsing through the wires at the top; the three ringtailed lemurs, turned loose the week before, are still too shy to stray more than a few feet from their cage, rising up on their hind legs, stalking around stiff-armed like miniature zombies. (Full text)

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