Brown lemurs

Brown lemurs

Order : Primates
Family : Lemuridae
Genus : Eulemur


Animals in the genus Eulemur

Crowned lemur
Brown lemur
Black lemur
Mongoose lemur
Red-bellied lemur
Facts about the genus Eulemur, the brown lemurs

All brown lemurs are similar in body size and life history but have different coat markings and coloration.

between two Eulemur species in the wild Abstract Eulemur is the most diverse and widespread genus of the family Lemuridae,

Brown lemurs are arboreal and spend 95 per cent of their time in the upper layers of the forest.

Common brown lemurs are found in northwest portions of Madagascar, white-fronted lemurs are found throughout most of the remaining northeastern rain forest in Madagascar, collared lemurs are found in southeastern Madagascar, and the sanford's lemurs have a very restricted range in northern Madagascar.

html 1 ADW: Eulemur fulvus: Information: Common brown lemurs are found in northwest portions of Madagascar, white-fronted http://animaldiversity.

It is hard to find lemurs in this area (Eulemur is not very common there, Lemur tends to small troops, Propithecus is fairly common) partly because there are not as many animals here as elsewhere, partly because it is hard for a human to maneuver though the brush.

lemurs (of which one family of brown lemurs is pictured here), giant strangler fig vines, fascinating flowers, and much more.

The conservation status of brown lemurs is partially due to their restricted geographical area.

Western rufous lemurs are highly folivorous, with a rather monotonous diet, whereas Mayotte brown lemurs are preferentially frugivorous but accept a highly varied diet.

Brown lemurs are from 30 to 50 cm in length, with a tail that is as long or significantly longer than the body. (Wiki)

The fur of the brown lemurs is long and usually reddish-brown. (Wiki)

Habitat: Brown lemurs are mostly found in the tree tops and only rarely are they seen on the ground. (Full text)

Eulemur is one of the most widespread prosimian genera in Madagascar; its members are presumed to be resilient to moderate levels of forest disturbance (Tattersall 1982). (Full text)

Conservation: The Brown lemurs are largely hunted, and their forest habitats are being steadily depleted. (Full text)

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