Order : Primates
Family : Hominidae
Genus : Pan


Animals in the genus Pan

Bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee
Facts about the genus Pan, the chimpanzees

" One example of a sanctuary that is focused on the well-being and permanent retirement of chimpanzees is the Save the Chimps.

"(12) With few exceptions, HIV-1 infection of chimpanzees is universally mild with no notable decline in CD4+ T-cell levels, immunosuppression or other signs of an AIDS-like illness.

Admission to Discovering Chimpanzees is 4 for non-member adults, 2 for non-member children, 2 for member adults and 1 for member children.

Betterhumans > Chimpanzees Are More Human than Ape

Chimpanzees are People too!

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DVD Features: Available subtitles: Spanish, French Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.

May 19 — Chimpanzees are more closely related to people than to gorillas or other monkeys and

name="mainwindow";Control of Heterologous Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Chimpanzees Is Associated with the Quality of Vaccine-Induced Peripheral T-Helper Immune ResponseJournal List > J Virol > v.

THAT additional wild-caught chimpanzees not be imported (in accordance with current policies) and that a national chimpanzee registry be created to assure that the individual identity and location of all chimpanzees is known as a means of improving enforcement of laws and regulations intended to

That is, chimpanzees are closer to us genetically than they are to gorillas, despite their close physical resemblance to gorillas.

The magical enchantment of Peter Pan is back in RETURN TO NEVER LAND, "a charming successor to the classic" (Julie Washington, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland).

Control of Heterologous Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Chimpanzees Is Associated with the Quality of Vaccine-Induced Peripheral T-Helper Immune Response -- Rollier et al. (Full text)

Four subspecies of chimpanzees are currently recognized: Pan troglodytes verus and P. (Full text)

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. (Full text)

In the role of Peter Pan is Jeremy Sumpter a young child destined for stardom that first took our notice as the young Adam in Bill Paxton's Frailty. (Full text)

" Or more coyly, chimpanzees are from Mars, bonobos are from Venus. (Full text)

Chimpanzees are largely fruit eaters, and meat composes only about 3% of the time they spent eating overall, less than in nearly all human societies. (Full text)

Most of all, (and in many cases most unfortunately), chimpanzees are quite capable of experiencing human-like feelings. (Full text)

Chimpanzees Are a Lot Like Us (Full text)

The current mean age of zoo chimpanzees is in the late twenties. (Full text)

Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees is among the latest batch to make it to DVD, and it is my first experience in this series. (Full text)

Pan Is Beautiful VI Vol. (Full text)

Which of the following statements about chimpanzees is correct? (Full text)

For the present, this edition of Peter Pan is restricted to the United States, and is not to be for use or included in any storage or retrieval system in any country, other than the United States of America. (Full text)

Due to pressures ranging from civil unrest and deforestation to the bushmeat trade and exploitation for entertainment, the survival of wild chimpanzees is in doubt. (Full text)

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Yes, Peter Pan is a character known for vanity, but that is not my main intent! (Full text)

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