Hanuman langur

Hanuman langur

Order : Primates
Family : Cercopithecidae
Subfamily : Colobinae
Genus : Semnopithecus


Animals in the genus Semnopithecus

Hanuman langur
Facts about the genus Semnopithecus, the Hanuman langur

Because of this legend, the Hanuman Langur is the sacred monkey of India and therefore not preyed upon by humans.

Further, although most populations of the hanuman langur are typically slate grey in colour, there are two subspecies reported from northern India, the Himalayan langur P.

Hanuman is the Hindu god of healing and worship and in many parts of India, the Hanuman langur is considered sacred.

Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus) The hanuman langur is a folivorous species, but will also consume fruits, flowers, and cultivated crops.

MORPHOLOGY: The average body mass for an adult male hanuman langur is between 9 and 20 kilograms .

The designation Semnopithecus is preferred by some, but Presbytis is perhaps even more frequently used as well.

The hanuman langur is a member of the subfamily colobinae of Old World monkeys.

The Hanuman Langur is a [CITIES-listed Endangered Species]

The Hanuman langur is by far the best known of the colobines.

[In case you were wondering, "turtle semnopithecus" is not a real disease. (Full text)

" According to experts, some 17 species of langurs—or leaf monkeys, as they are also known—exist worldwide, and the Hanuman langur is one of four species in India. (Full text)

We have first the gorilla and chimpanzee, corresponding to the orangs of Borneo and Sumatra; and among the quadrumana the genus Cercocebus allied to the Eastern macaques is wholly West African, while Colobus, closely allied to the Asiatic Semnopithecus, is found in Abyssinia as well as in West Africa. (Full text)

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