Order : Primates
Family : Cercopithecidae
Subfamily : Cercopithecinae
Genus : Cercopithecus


Animals in the genus Cercopithecus

Diana monkey
Red-bellied monkey
Blue monkey
De Brazza's monkey
Facts about the genus Cercopithecus, the guenons

Amongst the smaller of the forest guenons, red-eared guenons are also very quiet in the forest, with their soft trill-like contact call.

Ceratonia siliqua see "Carob" Cercopithecus Cercopithecus is a genus of African monkeys, including the Guenons, one being the Diana Monkey and another the Green Guenon.

CERCOPITHECUS Cercopithecus is a genus of African monkeys, including the Guenons, one being the Diana Monkey and another the Green Guenon.

Gestation for guenons is approximately 7 months.

Guenon: Cercopithecus preussi Depending on the reference source, 26 species of guenons are described (21 forest species, 5 savannah species), and numerous subspecies.

Guenons are Cercopithecines, as are macaques and baboons and mangabeys.

Guenons are common, medium-sized monkeys of Africa, with long arms, legs and tails; small, round heads; and whiskers and beards.

Guenons are found only in Africa and include some of the most colourful small monkeys.

htmCERCOPAN Rehabilitation and Conservation for Guenons is a wonderful sanctuary and rehabilitation center in Nigeriadedicated to the conservation of primates indigenous to the rainforest and their habitat through: (1) rescueand rehabilitation; (2) conservation education, and 3) research.

Schmidt’s guenons are 4 to 14-pound primates found in forests and savannahs from Cameroon to Uganda and Zambia.

These guenons are speckled yellow-brown, with pale underparts.

This pattern also indicates that the genus Cercopithecus is paraphyletic, as presently defined, and calls for taxonomic revision so that the nomen describes a strictly monophyletic group.

We rarely see red-eared guenons as captive pets - their survival rate in comparison to other guenons is very poor.

When guenons are exited they expose their teeth in a grimace.

Vervet Guenons Vervet Guenons are old (Full text)

They hypothesized that scrotal colour variation in Cercopithecus is associated with the degree of dermal hydration. (Full text)

Or that Cercopithecus is a type of long-tailed African monkey with cheek pouches and ischial callosities. (Full text)

The zoo’s group of Sykes’ guenons is led by its only male, whose name is Patrick. (Full text)

The species of monkey portrayed at Akrotiri, Cercopithecus, is indigenous to Ethiopia and has diffused throughout the Mediterranean via Egypt. (Full text)

Its tail, like other guenons, is long and straight and measures longer than their body. (Full text)

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