Order : Primates
Family : Cercopithecidae
Subfamily : Cercopithecinae
Genus : Cercocebus


Animals in the genus Cercocebus

Red-capped mangabey
Facts about the genus Cercocebus, the mangabeys

An outstanding feature of mangabeys is their light to white eyelids.

Compared to CERCOPAN'S guenons, mangabeys are much larger, noisier and more boisterous--novice observers in the forest environment often confuse a large troop of vocalizing mangabeys with the more well known chimpanzees.

Efe mostly hunt terrestrial animals, although they will shoot at primates with untipped poison arrows if they come low enough in the trees or if a sick or aged monkey, foraging on the ground (as do crested mangabeys), is slow to flee.

However, unlike baboons, most mangabeys are tree-dwellers.

Mangabeys are fairly large quadrupedal monkeys with cheek pouches and deep depressions under the cheekbones.

Red-capped mangabeys are also known as cherry-capped mangabeys and white-collared mangabeys.

Sooty mangabeys are naturally infected with SIVsm and do not develop immunodeficiency despite high level plasma viremia.

Status All mangabeys are threatened by loss of their forest habitat to logging.

The infection of Asian rhesus macaques by simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs) derived from sooty mangabeys is a model for cross-species viral infection.

This group of mangabeys is related to baboons and guenons and lives in the tropical rainforest areas of Central- and West- Africa.

We recently reported that sooty mangabeys are also polymorphic at the other major SIV/HIV receptor locus, CCR5.

Mangabeys are found all across tropical central Africa. (Full text)

It cannot be said that SIV infection in mangabeys is silent. (Full text)

Viral loads of 105 to 107 SIV RNA copies per ml of plasma, which are commonly found in sooty mangabeys, are above the threshold values associated with disease progression in macaques (49, 76) and are associated with rapid progression to AIDS in humans (55). (Full text)

This close relationship was unexpected since drills and red-capped mangabeys are only distantly related species of monkeys. (Full text)

Nonpathogenic SIV infection of sooty mangabeys is characterized by limited bystander immunopathology despite chronic high-level viremia. (Full text)

One of the remarkable features of SIV infection in naturally infected sooty mangabeys is the absence of immunodeficiency and the maintenance of a lifelong asymptomatic state in the face of high level SIV viremia. (Full text)

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