Order : Primates
Family : Cebidae
Subfamily : Pitheciinae
Genus : Cacajao


Animals in the genus Cacajao

Red uakari
Facts about the genus Cacajao, the uakaris

com From: Brad on 03/23/99 The Amazing World Of Lemurs, Monkeys, And Apes by Barbara Sleeper Part 34 RED UAKARI (Cacajao rubicundus) Uakaris are medium-sized monkeys native to the tropical rain forests of the upper Amazon Basin.

com From: Brad on 04/05/98 Weird Wah-CAR-ee by Sarah Lovett White Uakari (Cacajao calvus) With naked pink faces and ears, stumpy tails, and wispy hair, uakaris are the weirdest of the weird-looking.

Data of this karyotypic analysis suggest that Pithecia is the most primitive among the pithecins, followed by Chiropotes, and Cacajao is the most recent one, with very rearranged karyotype.

Uakaris are about 35–50 cm (14–20 inches) long, excluding their strangely short, 15–20-cm (6–8-inch) nonprehensile, or nongrasping, tails.

The uakaris are unusual among New World monkeys in that their tail length (15-18 cm) is substantially less than their head and body length (40-45 cm). (Wiki)

Uakaris are diurnal and are often found in the tops of large trees. (Full text)

Although they have red fur, similar to red howler monkeys, uakaris are very different in many ways, including their bare red face and a very short tail. (Full text)

--Another Ega monkey, nearly related to the Uakaris, is the Parauacu (Pithecia hirsuta), a timid inoffensive creature with a long bear-like coat of harsh speckled-grey hair. (Full text)

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