Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys

Order : Primates
Family : Cebidae
Subfamily : Atelinae
Genus : Ateles


Animals in the genus Ateles

Central American spider monkey
Black spider monkey
Chamek spider monkey
Facts about the genus Ateles, the spider monkeys

Spider monkeys are diurnal and at night use sleeping trees which are usually tall enough so that the crown is free from the canopy beneath it having a broad open crown that has horizontally forked branches for prolonged resting postures.

The average wild life span of spider monkeys is 27 years.

Ateles is a scaleable device that works with virtually any volume of platelet plasma or buffy coat.

Ateles is primarily an animal of the upper levels of the forest, with 17.

Common weight for spider monkeys is 30 pounds.

Frugivory in spider monkeys is characterized most strikingly by the fact that they swallow the seeds of the fruit rather than discard them.

Information on nickname "Kanshaku_Ateles"Information on nickname "Kanshaku_Ateles"Nickname "Kanshaku_Ateles" is not registered.

Now we have reached the village of Punta Laguna where a protected wildlife area for spider monkeys is located.

Spider monkeys are a type of New World monkey.

Spider Monkeys are located in many zoo's, South America, Mexico, the Amazon Rainforest, Bolivia, and Brazil.

Spider monkeys are the acrobats of New World primates.

STATUS: Our subspecies of black-handed spider monkeys is considered to be of "Low Risk/Least Concern" for extinction according to the new, 2003 Red List of

The maximal life span recorded for Ateles is 33 years.

The maximum recorded life span in captive spider monkeys is 20 years, although this figure may be smaller in natural conditions (Rowe 1996).

Whether this represents the total amount of cerebral overlap or not, I cannot say, in the absence of a vertical section of an Ateles' skull; but it is amply sufficient to prove that, even accepting as the definition of the posterior lobe the novel formula "All that part of the hemisphere which covers the posterior third of the cerebellum and passes behind it," Ateles is provided with a well-developed posterior lobe. (Full text)

ateles is not a member of any public groups (Full text)

Ateles is not a member of any public groups (Full text)

Herpesvirus ateles is an agent indigenous to spider monkeys (Ateles spp. (Full text)

Herpesvirus ateles is a gamma-2-herpesvirus which naturally infects spider monkeys (Ateles spp. (Full text)

The normal life span of spider monkeys is about 22 years, although some live to more than 30. (Full text)

It appears that the genus Ateles is very susceptible to human perturbation of the habitat, and it may be among the first primate species to decline with severe disturbance. (Full text)

Spider monkeys are found in South and Central America. (Full text)

Scientists found out that the brain of spider monkeys is twice larger than that of howlers because of their higher quality, more widely dispersed food. (Full text)

The society of spider monkeys is usually multi-male and multi-female. (Full text)

The black-handed and black spider monkeys are Vulnerable. (Full text)

Spider monkeys are often endangered in their native forest habitat. (Full text)

Especially if your tail is the longest and most powerful of all primate tails (like the spider monkey's is! (Full text)

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