Lion marmosets and lion tamarins

Lion marmosets and lion tamarins

Order : Primates
Family : Callitrichidae
Genus : Leontopithecus


Animals in the genus Leontopithecus

Golden lion tamarin
Facts about the genus Leontopithecus, the lion marmosets and lion tamarins

Anatomy: Golden lion tamarins are covered with long, silky, gold-colored fur; the face, hands and feet are bare.

Apes never evolved in South America, but Beck and his colleagues' work with lion tamarins, especially golden lion tamarins, is of particular interest to Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary because of its value as a model for integrated scientific

Captive Breeding and Population Management The international captive population of the golden lion tamarins (and the other lion tamarins) is managed by the International

Lion tamarins are among 35 species of small monkeys in the family Callithrichidae, which includes marmosets and other tamarins.

The Biodôme’s participation in the conservation program for golden lion tamarins is intended not only to increase their numbers in the wild, but also to build public awareness of the problems associated with the destruction of tropical forests.

The body length of lion tamarins is about 200 to 336 millimeters, plus a longer tail.

The global captive population of golden lion tamarins is managed as a single population with one set of overall genetic and demographic goals.

Leontopithecus is the largest member of this subfamily, with males and females averaging 620 g and 598 g respectively (Fleagle, 1999). (Full text)

Native to the humid coastal forests of Brazil, Golden Lion Tamarins are an endangered species and among the rarest animals in the world, with an estimated wild population of 1,000 individuals; there are about 500 in captivity. (Wiki)

The lion tamarins are related to pygmy marmosets. (Full text)

Currently, the population of golden-headed lion tamarins is located in and around the Una Biological Reserve in Bahia. (Full text)

The pattern observed in Leontopithecus is a transaxial bound in which the cheridia are aligned along a single plane, and the body and hindlimbs are carried under the forelimbs in a pendulum fashion, with the leading foot overstepping the forelimb. (Full text)

Over 50 golden lion tamarins are born each year in captivity. (Full text)

Golden lion tamarins are one of the rarest animals in the world, according to some environmentalists. (Full text)

Golden Lion Tamarins GOLDEN LION TAMARINS Family name: Callitrichidae Genus: Leontopithecus Species: rosalie Common name: sauim vermelho, red lion monkey, mico leão Physical Appearance:These lion tamarins are covered in a golden fur. (Full text)

Adaptations: The Lion Tamarins are related to Marmosets. (Full text)

The clinicopathologic presentation of this syndrome in golden lion tamarins is similar to that described for Dubin-Johnson syndrome of human beings. (Full text)

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