Order : Perissodactyla
Family : Tapiridae
Genus : Tapirus


Animals in the genus Tapirus

Baird's tapir
Malayan tapir
Mountain tapir
Brazilian tapir or South American tapir
Facts about the genus Tapirus, the tapirs

Although the general external cranial osteology of Tapirus is fairly well documented compared to most mammalian taxa (e. (Full text)

Tapirus is a Latinized corruption of tapyra - the Tupi name for the tapir (the Tupis are an aboriginal tribe from the Amazon). (Full text)

The Tapir Gallery ~ The World of Tapirs is the official Web site of the Tapir Preservation Fund. (Full text)

Which of the followings about tapirs is correct? (Full text)

Products: Subsistence hunting of tapirs is intense, second only to Tayassu pecari in terms of the amount of meat consumed by indigenous peoples and others living in the South American forests (Tables 6 and 10). (Full text)

The dental formula of tapirs is similar to that of the equids: 3/3, 1/1, 4/3-4, and 3/3 for a total of 42-44 teeth. (Full text)

Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs is not only a question deserving of an answer, but also the title of Acid Mother Temples first release on Space Age Recordings. (Full text)

A trait of all tapirs is curiosity. (Full text)

ADAPTATIONS: The body shape of tapirs is somewhat comical to our human eyes, but suits the tapir's life-style very well.

Another way keepers offer enrichment for the tapirs is to throw pieces of apple in their exhibit pool.

Habits and distribution Tapirs are browsers, and the series of transverse shearing blades (lophs) on their cheek teeth are adapted for chewing fruit, leaves, twigs and vines. (Full text)

1 Tapirs are like the offspring of pigs and elephants. (Full text)

" ~ George Schaller All tapirs are endangered species. (Full text)

All tapirs are endangered species. (Full text)

Tapirs - Tapirs are shy tropical forest dwellers.

*deep breath* Tapirs are sizeable animals that live in the lush rainforests of Asia and South America.

Tapirs are generally solitary, communicating via shrill whistles and urine scent-marks.

Tapirs Are the Pandas' Bitches: December 2004

Tapirs are among the most primitive large mammals in the world today. (Full text)

Tapirs are shy, reclusive rainforest animals that live in nearly any wooded or grassy habitat with a permanent supply of water. (Full text)

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