Asian one-horned rhinoceroses

Asian one-horned rhinoceroses

Order : Perissodactyla
Family : Rhinocerotidae
Genus : Rhinoceros


Animals in the genus Rhinoceros

Javan rhinoceros
Indian rhinoceros
Facts about the genus Rhinoceros, the Asian one-horned rhinoceroses

- bird bison headed man rhinoceros is kiang ton

Greater Indian RhinocerosRhinoceros unicornis Also Called: Greater Asian Rhinoceros Eating (454 KB)The Greater Indian rhinoceros is one of the largest rhinoceroses. (Full text)

The black rhinoceros is classified as a critically endangered species due to a reduction of at least 80% of the black rhinoceros population over the last 50 years. (Full text)

White RhinocerosCeratotherium simum Also Called: Square-lipped rhinoceros Walking (369 KB)The rhinoceros is one of only a few remaining “megaherbivores”. (Full text)

Conclusion The African black rhinoceros is threatened by extinction because of loss of habitat, poor climate, and life-threatening diseases.

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