Short-nosed bandicoots

Short-nosed bandicoots

Order : Peramelemorphia
Family : Peramelidae
Genus : Isoodon


Facts about the genus Isoodon, the short-nosed bandicoots

Large Short-Nosed Bandicoots are territorial, marking their territory with a gland found on the mouth, pouch, cloaca and ears.

08 lbs) Short nosed bandicoots are plain looking animals, similar in size and shape to rats and rabbits. (Full text)

Economic Importance for Humans: Positive Large short-nosed bandicoots are a delicacy to the aboriginal populations of Australia. (Full text)

Many species of native mammals find sanctuary in these mountains; koalas and kangaroos are common, but echidnas and short-nosed bandicoots are also sighted occasionally.

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