Cottontail rabbits

Cottontail rabbits

Order : Lagomorpha
Family : Leporidae
Genus : Sylvilagus


Animals in the genus Sylvilagus

New England cottontail
Swamp rabbit
Audubon's cottontail
Eastern cottontail
Facts about the genus Sylvilagus, the cottontail rabbits

Scientific name: The genus name Sylvilagus is from the Latin word sylva (forest) and the Greek word lagos (hare).

Main Entry: sylvilagus sylvilagus is one of more than 1,000,000 entries available at Merriam-WebsterUnabridged. (Full text)

In the United States the rabbit, especially the cottontail, Sylvilagus, is an important source of human infection, but other mammals, birds, and insects also spread the disease.

The genus Sylvilagus is the North American common cotton tails .

) Gilead wonders why Tahoe, a mountain cottontail at his zoo, wasn't named Sylvia instead because (he explained), "Sylvilagus is American wild rabbits.

" Cottontail Rabbits is third in the series, and is beautifully produced.

Average weight of Eastern cottontail rabbits is 0.

Damage from cottontail rabbits is almost always the result of feeding activities in yards and gardens.

Killing the Audubon cottontail rabbits is not appropriate. (Full text)

Clearly designed and written for pre-K through grade one readers, Cottontail Rabbits is an excellent resource sure to be read many, many times.

Generally, diversification of habitats for cottontail rabbits is important, such as interspersing or mixing cover areas with feeding areas.

CE News Release: Cottontail rabbits are cute but destructive to gardens and landscapes - May, 2003

All rabbits are exclusively herbivorous and Cottontail rabbits are no exception.

Fish and Wildlife Service Cottontail rabbits are one of the most commonly observed game animals. (Full text)

Cottontail rabbits are one of the most commonly observed game animals.

Interesting Facts: Cottontail rabbits are active all year long, foraging mainly at night. (Full text)

Cottontail rabbits are abundant in rural as well as urban areas.

DESCRIPTION Eastern cottontail rabbits are easily identified by their cotton-puff tail. (Full text)

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