Streaked tenrec

Streaked tenrec

Order : Insectivora
Family : Tenrecidae
Subfamily : Tenrecinae
Genus : Hemicentetes


Animals in the genus Hemicentetes

Streaked tenrec
Facts about the genus Hemicentetes, the streaked tenrec

ITIS TNS Google MSN Hemicentetes semispinosus, the streaked tenrec, is one of 23 extant species of the clade Tenrecidae (Nowak, 1991). (Full text)

The streaked tenrec is active during the day and night, feeding primarily upon earthworms.

The streaked tenrec is a fairly vocal animal.

The streaked tenrec is very diffecult to keep as they will only eat groundworms and snails. (Full text)

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