Asiatic moles

Asiatic moles

Order : Insectivora
Family : Talpidae
Subfamily : Talpinae
Genus : Mogera


Facts about the genus Mogera, the Asiatic moles

Though, I can't really figure out why Mogera is on Mars, but I am sure that it will be told in the next chapter.

Mogera is blown out into space by the powerful SpaceGodzilla.

Mogera is used in case a monster gets out of control.

Mogera is damaged and returns to earth. (Full text)

Mogera is damaged and returns to earth.

Mogera is here to kick some butt, or not, either way, he's here!

Biollante roars triumphantly, but she doesn't realize that the other half of Mogera is still around underground.

Mogera is destroyed, Space Godzilla is annihilated, and then Godzilla walks off into the ocean for no apparent reason.

With so many powers, no wonder Mogera is very fragile, one shot of Godzilla's heat beam made Mogera go off balance.

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