Hispaniolan solenodons

Hispaniolan solenodons

Order : Insectivora
Family : Solenodontidae
Genus : Solenodon


Animals in the genus Solenodon

Cuban solenodon
Hispaniolan solenodon
Facts about the genus Solenodon, the Hispaniolan solenodons

The Cuban solenodon is an insectivore weighing about 1 kg (2. (Full text)

Haitian Solenodon Skull - The Haitian Solenodon is found exclusively on the island of Hispaniola.

The solenodon is a rare insectivore, and its exact origin is a mystery. (Full text)

The Haitian solenodon is an insectivore weighing about 1 kg (2. (Full text)

Cuban Solenodon Skull - This species of solenodon is limited to Cuba.

Habitat: The Cuban solenodon is found in dense, humid forests and brush country, as well as around plantations. (Full text)

Moreover, when a solenodon is alarmed and tries to put on speed it is as likely as not to trip over its own toes or even tumble head-- over-heels. (Full text)

The Haitian solenodon is practically extinct, with sightings of specimens or their markings occurring rather infrequently. (Full text)

ticon { position:relative; border:1 solid gray; top:-18; left:46; } MultimediafromEncartaGo to article|View all multimedia|Appears inCuban SolenodonOne of only two species of solenodon, the Cuban solenodon is a rare insectivore that resembles a large rat.

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