Tree hyraxes

Tree hyraxes

Order : Hyracoidea
Family : Procaviidae
Genus : Dendrohyrax


Animals in the genus Dendrohyrax

Southern tree hyrax
Facts about the genus Dendrohyrax, the tree hyraxes

The yananio-members are considered the younger brothers of the kindi-members, just as the dendrohyrax is considered the younger brother of the elephant.

The usual way of catching Tree Hyraxes is by dogs but snares are also sometimes used. (Full text)

Tree Hyraxes are found in arboreal habitats, but in the alpine areas of the Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda and Congo, they are also rock dwellers. (Full text)

Tree hyraxes are solitary and nocturnal; they are confined to forested regions of Africa.

Tree Hyraxes (Dendrohyrax) - unlike the others, tree hyraxes are solitary and nocturnal.

Rock and bush hyraxes are most active during the day, basking in the sun and taking dust baths, but most tree hyraxes are nocturnal, or active at night.

The rock and tree hyraxes are a group of herviborous animals living in rocky outcrops of west central Africa. (Full text)

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