Ring-tailed possums

Ring-tailed possums

Order : Diprotodontia
Family : Pseudocheiridae
Genus : Pseudocheirus


Facts about the genus Pseudocheirus, the ring-tailed possums

Brush-tailed Possums and Ring-tailed Possums are also common.

Despite their dentition however, ring-tailed possums are strictly herbivorous (folivores/frugivores).

I mean the whole wet tropics is a mountain system, and basically most of the species that are only found here, the endemics, are on the tops of those mountains, and so things like a lot of the ring-tailed possums are only found above about 800-metres; there are some birds that are restricted to the tops of mountains, there’s a whole suite of frogs and reptiles that are found just on the very tops of these mountains.

Pseudocheirus pregrinus, the Ring-tailed Possums are commonly associated with this community.

Ring-tailed Possums are rather scarce.

Ring-tailed Possums are usually active at night.

Swamp wallabies and ring-tailed possums are common, as are king parrots, owls and the grey goshawk.

Yes, green ring tailed possums are real critters and they are even kinda sorta green too!

Brush-tailed Possums and Ring-tailed Possums are also common. (Full text)

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