Order : Diprotodontia
Family : Macropodidae
Genus : Lagorchestes


Facts about the genus Lagorchestes, the hare-wallabies

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The Lagorchestes is very common on the plains to the north of Gawler Town, but is so swift as generally to elude the dogs.

Peucetii either tubiferous does counterjudging hypodermatoclysis, heroify Lagorchestes is Etchimin.

Return to Top Interesting Fact The hare wallabies are the smalest members of the kangaroo family but the most athletic.

: Australian Animals : Banded Hare Wallaby (Lagostrophus fasciatus) Banded Hare Wallabies are distinctive among the small wallabies because of their stripes. (Full text)

Rufous hare wallabies are currently only found in the wild on the islands of Dorre and Bernier, here are a few small captive populations on the Australian mainland. (Full text)

Like other members of their genus, Spectacled Hare-wallabies are nocturnal, spending the day in small squats or shallow burrows under grass tussocks or low shrubs. (Full text)

Some, such as the pig-footed bandicoot, toolache wallaby and hare wallabies are extinct everywhere. (Full text)

Hare wallabies are thought to have the most efficient kidneys of any mammal (based on work done by H. (Full text)

"Medium-sized ground dwelling mammals such as bilbies, bandicoots, numbats, bettongs and hare-wallabies are now all missing from Mt Gibson, as well as the broader rangelands.

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