Pygmy possums

Pygmy possums

Order : Diprotodontia
Family : Burramyidae
Genus : Cercartetus


Facts about the genus Cercartetus, the pygmy possums

Most pygmy possums are.

Pygmy Possums are nocturnal creatures and eat nectar, pollen and small insects.

Six species of pygmy possums are known, two of which inhabit New Guinea.

Survival and recruitment of NSW Mountain Pygmy-possums is highly dependent on the duration of snow cover.

The Pygmy Possums are nectar eaters and the banksia is a preferred food.

Pygmy possums are found in Australia and New Guinea. (Full text)

In New South Wales a recovery plan for Mountain pygmy-possums is being drafted and should be ready for public comment in June 2000. (Full text)

Weighing in at around 45g, mountain pygmy-possums are about the size of a small rat or large mouse. (Full text)

Pygmy possums are nocturnal and rest during the day in spherical nests of shredded bark. (Full text)

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