Four-eyed opossums

Four-eyed opossums

Order : Didelphimorphia
Family : Didelphidae
Subfamily : Didelphinae
Genus : Philander


Facts about the genus Philander, the four-eyed opossums

(Philander opossum) • (Philander andersoni) “Four-eyed” opossums are named for a pair of white spots near their eyes.

George Philander Is the Temperature Rising?

Written in a clear, literate style aimed at the layperson, Philander is a welcome antidote to the all-too-often sensational claims made by one side or the other in the global-warming debate.

So far as I am aware, the "dwarf bream" or "southern mouthbrooder," Pseudocrenilabrus philander philander, is not found in Lake Malawi proper. (Full text)

Brown four eyed opossums are seasonally polyestrous, meaning that they are capable of breeding many times through out the year. (Full text)

After this Philander is on a roll. (Full text)

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