Short-tailed opossums

Short-tailed opossums

Order : Didelphimorphia
Family : Didelphidae
Subfamily : Didelphinae
Genus : Monodelphis


Animals in the genus Monodelphis

Gray short-tailed opossum
Facts about the genus Monodelphis, the short-tailed opossums

A new species of short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis) is described from the Lowland forest of southeastern Peru.

    In their natural habitat, Short Tailed Opossums are found in Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Short Tailed Opossums are small marsupials approximately 4 to 6 inches in length when full grown.

Short-tailed opossums are a small, solitary, exotic marsupial gaining popularity as a "pocket pet".

Short-tailed opossums are an exotic animal according to the USDA, because they are not native to the USA.

Short-tailed Opossums are solitary & will need to be housed separately except for breeding.

The only social relations between Short-Tailed Opossums are between the mother and young.

The origin of Monodelphis is the semi-arid Caatinga region in Northeastern Brazil where it naturally inhabits rock outcroppings close to water sources.

This table shows how distantly related short-tailed opossums are to the North American opossum and sugar gliders.

A dose of 500 J/m2 to the shaved skin of Monodelphis is approximately one minimal erythemal dose (35). (Full text)

The only social relations between Short-Tailed Opossums are between the mother and young. (Full text)

Monodelphis is a member of Didelphidae, a group of exclusively New World opossums thought to be basal among the living marsupials. (Full text)

Monodelphis is the only species that extends the wrist joint to a similar degree (250°). (Full text)

We are not suggesting that Monodelphis is incapable of performing other walking gaits (besides trots). (Full text)

Short-tailed Opossums are native to South America. (Full text)

domestica are native to South America and are a member of the family Didelphidae, which contains the largest number of species within the marsupials, and Monodelphis is the most species-rich genus of the family (19). (Full text)

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