Order : Dasyuromorphia
Family : Dasyuridae
Genus : Dasyurus


Animals in the genus Dasyurus

Western quoll
Northern quoll
Eastern quoll
Spotted-tailed quoll
Facts about the genus Dasyurus, the quolls

, Antechinus), but the native cat, Dasyurus, is strongly digitigrade, and there also is a number of species in Sminthopsis which are strongly adapted to a saltatorial mode of locomotion.

The main, clear difference between this species and Wagner’s gerbil (Gerbillus dasyurus) is that the Baluchistan gerbil has a spot of hairs directly above the basis of the tail which have a white hair basis, whereas Wagner’s gerbil lacks this spot.

A favorite meal for Quolls is beetle larvae.

The disease described in these tiger quolls is similar to subcutaneous atypical mycobacteriosis of humans and domestic animals. (Full text)

Quolls is on ABC TV on13/10/2004 at 10:15am. (Full text)

The biggest danger for quolls is land clearing.

"We'd like people to know that a population of tiger quolls is active in the area between the Bombala turnoff and Pipers Lookout and to keep an eye out, particularly around dusk and dawn, so that we can avoid losing more to cars.

One of the major threats faced by the quolls is our lack of knowledge of their biology and ecology.

Another pleasing thing about quolls is that, unlike cats, they don’t torment their dinner before they eat it. (Full text)

The Quolls are sometimes called the Native Cats, because of their general meat-eating habits and size.

These baby quolls are about 5 weeks old. (Full text)

This family has a fearsome reputation because of their carnivorous habits but some quolls are endangered or extinct largely because of competition with foxes.

htm) Karen Karen Firestone (BSVirginia, MSMaryland) Conservation Status of Quolls Project description: Quolls are the largest carnivorous marsupials on the mainland of Australia, and as such are keystone species for conservation purposes. (Full text)

Male eastern quolls are about the size of a small domestic cat averaging 60 cm in length and 1.

Spotted-tailed quolls are most common in cool temperate rainforest, wet sclerophyll forest and coastal scrub along the north & west coasts of the state. (Full text)

, abnormal breeding coefficient), or physiological stress as causes for possible depressed CMI in these tiger quolls are currently unknown. (Full text)

Spotted-tailed quolls are excellent jumpers and climbers and can get through surprisingly small gaps as can eastern quolls.

Northern quoll Dasyurus hallucatus Quolls are rabbit-sized marsupial carnivores, found only in Australia and New Guinea.

Spotted-tailed quolls are excellent jumpers and climbers and can get through surprisingly small gaps as can eastern quolls. (Full text)

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