Order : Chiroptera
Family : Vespertilionidae
Subfamily : Vespertilioninae
Genus : Nyctalus


Animals in the genus Nyctalus

Giant noctule
Facts about the genus Nyctalus, the noctules

Whether the Nyctalus is from the Marriannis or a smaller tribe, the Pteropus form is always of a similar size.

The sighting of a group of noctules is not indicative of a nearby roost, as radio-tracked individuals have been found to fly up to ten kilometres to a feeding area (Mitchell-Jones, 1990).

All bats' fur, but especially Noctules', is just so soft and stroke-able. (Full text)

The common noctule bat is declining like all European bats, but the other European noctules are even rarer. (Wiki)

Although greater noctules are the largest bats in Europe, they weigh only 50 grams and probably prey on the smallest songbirds. (Full text)

Noctules are also noted for their early emergence from their daytime roosts, and, despite the dimness, it is still only 4pm.

Noctules are yellowish to dark brown and 5–10 cm (2–4 inches) long without the . (Full text)

Along with serotine bats, noctules are one of the largest British species, and are one of the first to emerge in the evening.

Noctules are known for their large hibernating colonies.

Many roosts have also been lost, as old and dead trees, of the type preferred by noctules, are often felled.

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