Order : Chiroptera
Family : Vespertilionidae
Subfamily : Vespertilioninae
Genus : Barbastella


Animals in the genus Barbastella

Western barbastelle
Facts about the genus Barbastella, the barbastelles

Barbastelles are a species that seems to be particularly sensitive to human disturbance.

Barbastelles are also found in Northern Africa.

Barbastelles are so rare in Hertfordshire that most of us never get the opportunity to see this species other than in photographs.

Barbastelles are very rare bats but have been reported from locations across England and Wales.

Heather Faulkner/The Prague Post A Barbastella is weighed, the last data-collecting ritual it will go through before being released into the chilly night air to hunt.

Only three other maternity colonies of barbastelles are known in the UK, the colony at Paston Great Barn is unique as it is the only one using a building in this country.

Barbastelles are vulnerable to the increasing scarcity of suitable woodland, which leaves them without suitable feeding habitats and hollow trees for roosting. (Full text)

(Myotis, Plecotus and Barbastella) is longer than that of Pipistrellini, and the midpiece is obviously distinctive at the generic and specific levels. (Full text)

Paston Progress What we have found during week of tracking the 2 Barbastelles is that the male is located daytime in a building near Witton, but makes frequent nocturnal visits to the Pasaton Barn to see his 'lady friends' and feeds (Full text)

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