Blossom bats

Blossom bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Pteropodidae
Subfamily : Macroglossinae
Genus : Syconycteris


Facts about the genus Syconycteris, the blossom bats

Blossom Bats are commonly found feeding on flowers in the bell.

Blossom bats are some of the world's smallest flying foxes, but even they are a target for local hunters who need to supplement a generally protein-deficient diet.

dunnarts, blossom-bats) is frequently employed when food is freely available, suggesting that they use torpor regularly in the field to reduce daily energy expenditure.

Syconycteris is unique.

'Blossom Bats' are the smaller of the megabats and are sometimes seen, but much more obvious are the huge 'Flying fox'. (Full text)

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