Order : Chiroptera
Family : Pteropodidae
Subfamily : Pteropodinae
Genus : Rousettus


Facts about the genus Rousettus, the rousettes

Nonetheless, the genus Rousettus is unique among Chiroptera. (Full text)

According to our topologies, the genus Rousettus is monospecific in mainland Africa, since its traditional subgenera Stenonycteris and Lissonycteris appear closer to the myonycterine than to Rousettus. (Full text)

One megabat (Rousettus) is capable of echolocating, but apparently cannot carry food in its mouth while doing so, thus accounting for its feeding and spending the night in the same tree16. (Full text)

Only the megabat Rousettus is known to echolocate and it uses very low frequencies produced by the tongue. (Full text)

Rousettes is the only village fully contained within the forest, and only forestry workers and their families live there. (Full text)

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