Short-nosed fruit bats

Short-nosed fruit bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Pteropodidae
Subfamily : Pteropodinae
Genus : Cynopterus


Facts about the genus Cynopterus, the short-nosed fruit bats

Above: Short-nosed fruit bats are important pollinators in India.

Commoner fish groups found along our coast belong to the following families – Harpodon, the other hand a variety of pipe-fish (Solenostomus cynopterus) is regarded as one of the rarest inhabitants of open sea.

Role, status and threats: Short-nosed Fruit Bats are believed to be the only pollinator of key mangrove trees (Sonneratia) and thus for the health of a mangrove forest.

Short-nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus sphinx) Short-nosed fruit bats are one of only three species of Old World bats known to roost in leaf "tents" (see story page 6).

Short-nosed fruit bats are just one of many bat species we will see in Borneo.

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