Tent-making bats

Tent-making bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Phyllostomidae
Subfamily : Stenodermatinae
Genus : Uroderma


Facts about the genus Uroderma, the tent-making bats

The fur color of some tent-making bats is usually whitish or pale or with some kind of disruptive patterns (facial or dorsal stripes) that may function as a kind of camouflage against visual-oriented predators (Foster & Timm 1976, Brooke 1990).

The highest diversity of tent-making bats is found in wet tropical regions.

The other tent-making bats are two fruit-eating Cynopterus species, one insectivorous bat (Scotophilus kuhlii) (all Old World bats) and Microchiroptera bats from the family Phyllostomidae (New World).

These "tent-making" bats are small fruit-eaters that chew across the large leaves to cause the sides to droop down in the form of a tent.

Tent-making bats are amazing in that they can make their own protected perch. (Full text)

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