Yellow-shouldered bats

Yellow-shouldered bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Phyllostomidae
Subfamily : Stenodermatinae
Genus : Sturnira


Animals in the genus Sturnira

Little yellow-shouldered bat
Facts about the genus Sturnira, the yellow-shouldered bats

(photo Merlin Tuttle) Yellow-shouldered Bat - Sturnira thomasi NEW subspecies: Sturnira thomasi vulcanensis (Genoways) STATUS: Extremely rare in the northern Lesser Antilles - Sturnira is relatively uncommon on many of the Antillean islands where it does occurs and unlike some fruit bats it needs native humid forest instead of tropical agriculture to flourish.

Yellow-shouldered bats are abundant members of a family known as leaf-nosed bats and are found in tropical areas throughout Latin America.

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