Long-tailed bats

Long-tailed bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Phyllostomidae
Subfamily : Glossophaginae
Genus : Choeroniscus


Facts about the genus Choeroniscus, the long-tailed bats

- Long-tailed bats are confirmed present in Wellington – for the first time in 100 years.

Long-tailed bats are closely related to Australian bats; they belong to a more widespread family than the short-tailed bat.

Long-tailed bats are colonial, with an average roost colony of ten, but this can vary from many hundreds to a single bat (Daniel, 1990).

Long-tailed bats are found in the Waitomo district.

Long-tailed bats are vulnerable to

Long-tailed bats are widely distributed throughout the mainland, Stewart Island, Little Barrier and Great Barrier islands and Kapiti Island.

Threats and Conservation Both short and long tailed bats are under threat from introduced predators such as rats and stoats.

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