Short-tailed bats

Short-tailed bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Phyllostomidae
Subfamily : Carolliinae
Genus : Carollia


Facts about the genus Carollia, the short-tailed bats

Carollia is crucial to pioneer and early successional plant species, but not necessarily to more mature forest trees.

In particular, Carollia is an important disperser of Piperaceae seed throughout the Neotropics, as the feed on vertical see pods which they pass through their GI tract and defacate in flight, thereby dropping with fertilizer.

lesser short-tailed bats are now

Short-tailed bats are unique in that they are extremely agile on the ground.

Short-tailed bats are very acrobatic in flight.

The largest mainland population of short-tailed bats is in the Rangataua Forest on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu (see Forest & Bird, May 1998).

tuberculate) Short-tailed Bats, are the most terrestrial of all the 950 or so bat species in the world.

Carollia is a fruit-eating bat that specializes on fruits of the genus Piper. (Full text)

February 3, 2005 Tararua Ranges, New Zealand – In an attempt at a world first twenty short-tailed bats are to be moved by the New Zealand Department of Conservation from the (Full text)

Long-tailed and Short-tailed bats are New Zealand’s only native land based mammals. (Wiki)

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