Antillean fruit-eating bats

Antillean fruit-eating bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Phyllostomidae
Subfamily : Brachyphyllinae
Genus : Brachyphylla


Facts about the genus Brachyphylla, the Antillean fruit-eating bats

To many, Gasteria brachyphylla is the prototypical Gasteria, with its invariably distichous habit, uniformity of color and markings, and overall leaf morphology.

brachyphylla is reported to be hexaploid, see Löve & Löve 1975).

In the trade and in individual collections, especially in America, Gasteria brachyphylla is much more commonly encountered than Gasteria disticha.

branchyphylla brachyphylla, is native of the western cape of South Africa. (Full text)

brachyphylla is very distinct on account of its very short anthers, rarely if ever exceeding 1.

Festuca brachyphylla is the third nearest neighbour to F.

  Moving along a few paces, Pimelea brachyphylla is covered in dainty white clusters of flowers.

brachyphylla is usually associated with relatively thermophilous species in dry sites.

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