Fruit-eating bats

Fruit-eating bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Phyllostomidae
Subfamily : Stenodermatinae
Genus : Artibeus


Animals in the genus Artibeus

Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Facts about the genus Artibeus, the fruit-eating bats

Artibeus is less gregarious than Carollia (Ditchfield 1991) which supports our finding that no Artibeus had streblids while all Carollia did.

  Throughout the tropics, fruit-eating bats are very important in seed dispersal.

Description: The genus Artibeus is characterized by four white facial stripes, pointed ears, and soft, short fur of a dull brownish, grayish, or black silver-tinged color, and paler underparts.

Erophylla is an early phyllostomid colonist of the Greater Antilles:based on the fossil record, Artibeus is a recent colonist.

From big cities to country farms, these giant, fruit-eating bats are feeling the heat like never before.

Fruit-eating bats are essential for dispersal of seeds in tropical forests, and nectar eating bats are necessary for the pollination of countless tropical plants.

Fruit-eating bats are nature's most important seed-dispersing mammals.

Fruit-eating bats are some of the most important dispersers of tree seeds in the tropical rainforest.

Fruit-eating bats are vital to the ecosystems in which they live.

harti, as "formerly known as Artibeus harti", meaning that the name changed from Artibeus to Enchisthenes; whereas others believe that Artibeus is the new name.

However, Artibeus is polyestrous and usually produces 2 pregnancies per year, but is capable of producing 3 if there is no delay.

Most insect eating bats have this ability while only one species of fruit eating bats are able to echolocate.

Note: field identification of bats in the Dermanura group of Artibeus is notoriously difficult.

Protection of these fruit-eating bats is included in the park's enabling legislation.

This Artibeus is carrying a fig; when the seeds are very tiny, as in the case of figs, the bat eats the fruit, ingesting the seeds, which pass through the gut unaffected. (Full text)

Fruit-eating bats are nature's most important seed-dispersing animals. (Full text)

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