Slit-faced bats

Slit-faced bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Nycteridae
Genus : Nycteris


Facts about the genus Nycteris, the slit-faced bats

Common slit-faced bats are capable of slow agile flight enabling them to hunt close to the ground and in dense vegetation.

1981: The genus Nycteris is used instead of Lasiuris by some, including E.

and the breeze today reminds me of the passage in george macdonald's the day boy and the night girl where the wind's effect on nycteris is described during their first encounter:as she knelt, something softly flapped her, embraced her, stroked her, fondled her.

CommentsThe genus Nycteris is used instead of Lasiuris by some, including E.

In short, any meeting with Nycteris is an encounter with the seriously weird.

The carnivorous slit-faced bats are found throughout most of Africa and parts of the Middle East.

The Day Boy, Photogen, is never exposed to darkness, and the Night Girl, Nycteris, is hidden away from the sun.

Slit-faced bats are primarily insectivorous, but may occasionally eat small vertebrates (such as frogs or mice) if given the opportunity. (Full text)

nycteris is not a member of any public groups (Full text)

The slit-faced bats are small, around three to five centimetres long. (Full text)

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