Ghost-faced bats

Ghost-faced bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Mormoopidae
Genus : Mormoops


Animals in the genus Mormoops

Antillean ghost-faced bat
Facts about the genus Mormoops, the ghost-faced bats

1993: Ghost-faced bats are quite uncommon in Arizona (Since 1954 only two have been collected in the state -- both females, and both in the Santa Rita Mountains on the Coronado National Forest).

The phylogenies of three of the five lineages are congruent with a single range expansion onto the Caribbean, whereas Mormoops is also consistent with this result but further studies of

Ghost-faced bats are a reddish-brown in color with similarly colored wings and membranes, though some individuals do become bleached due to high ammonia concentrations in their roosts. (Full text)

Wild Side Lesser doglike bats, shaggy bats, and ghost-faced bats are just a few of the many bat species found here. (Full text)

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