False vampire bats

False vampire bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Megadermatidae


Animals in the family Megadermatidae

Australian false vampire bat or ghost bat
Facts about the family Megadermatidae, the false vampire bats

Habitat False Vampire Bats are found

90 With 90% confidence, the mean time to consume a frog by Indian False Vampire bats is between 17.

False vampire bats are also microbats.

Habitat False Vampire Bats are found in lowland forests from Central America, south to Northern Bolivia and the Southern Amazon Basin.

Haralebak: Vampire bats are, but "false vampire bats" are the largest bats in America, and they eat birds and other bats by crushing their skulls.

Macroderma gigas, a member of the family Megadermatidae, is the largest microchiropteran bat, with a wing span of 0.

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